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With these Website does not concern it commercial and private Website. The author of these Website avowedly hereby to consider in each case copyrights of the used diagrams and photos of him provided diagrams, photos and texts to use or to license-free diagrams and texts fall back. If nevertheless unmarked, but by strange copyright protected diagrams or photos should be on the respective sides, then the copyright could not be determined by the author. Some illustrations were left to the author from friends and acquaintance to the publication on its Website. One assumes the copyright of the diagrams or photos concerned is with those, which put it to the author at the disposal. In the case of an unintentional copyright injury the author will remove and/or with the appropriate copyright will mark the object concerned after notification from their Website. The copyright for published, of the author provided objects remains alone with an author of the sides. A duplication or a use of such diagrams, photos or texts in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without express agreement. All SW photos by 1906-1907 are marked come from professor James Henry Breasted which it during its expedition to Egypt and the Sudan in the years 1905-1907 took up. The copyright of these photos is with the Oriental of Institutes, University OF Chicago.

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Thanks to all, which supported me during the conversion of these Website with advice and act. Above all I would like to thank you however Ursula Selzer for the technical consultation and the additions of the individual chapters, without you would be only half so informative this Website. Also I still thank you at my family, since in the special one with my Wife Hetty, for whom understanding that against me brings her, while I spend a large part of my time at home on the production this Website. Further I would like to thank you my colleagues Martina Juettner for the hiring of some of their vacation photos for my Website.


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